NSX-T 2.5: Configure a Managed Host Transport Node

If we have a vCenter Server, we can automate the installation and creation of transport nodes on all the NSX-T Data Center hosts instead of configuring manually.

If the transport node is already configured, then automated transport node creation is not applicable for that node.

Follow the steps below to configure it.

1 – Select System > Fabric > Nodes > Host Transport Nodes, from the Managed By drop-down menu, select an existing vCenter Server and Select the hosts from the list and click Configure NSX.


2 – Select the Transport Node Profile and click save.


3 – Validate the Configuration State and Node Status will show Success and Up.


4 – Visualize the N-VDS from vCenter Server.


To identify TEP IP and basic connectivity test follow the steps below.

1 – System -> Fabric -> Nodes -> Host Transport Nodes -> Select the Site A’s vCenter Server -> Select the Host. Click Physical Adapters -> Look for vmk10 and click the Interface Details icon.

It will display the TEP IP configured.



2 – View the ESXi connection status by running.

# esxcli network ip connection list | grep 1235


3 – Login on to the esxi host and running the command below:

# esxcli network ip interface ipv4 get


4 – Run the following command to perform a ping test using the TEP interface:

# vmkping ++netstack=vxlan


Hoping you have enjoyed this post, see you next time.

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