NSX-T 2.5: Create an NSX Edge Transport Node

An NSX Edge Node is a transport node that runs the local control plane. The Edge Nodes are service appliances dedicated to running centralized network services that cannot be distributed to the hypervisors.


An NSX Edge can belong to one overlay transport zone and multiple VLAN transport zones. An NSX Edge belongs to at least one VLAN transport zone to provide the uplink access.

Follow the steps below to create a NSX Edge.

1 – Select System > Fabric > Nodes > Edge Transport Nodes > Add Edge VM.


2 – Type a name for the NSX Edge and the Host name or FQDN.


3 – Specify the CLI and the root passwords for the NSX Edge.


4 – Enter the NSX Edge details.


5 – Enter the NSX Edge interface details.


6 – Select the transport zones that this transport node belongs to and Enter the N-VDS information for Overlay Network.

Note: An NSX Edge transport node belongs to at least two transport zones, an overlay for NSX-T Data Center connectivity and a VLAN for uplink connectivity.


7 – Enter the N-VDS information for VLAN network


Note: Uplink interfaces are displayed as DPDK Fastpath Interfaces if the NSX Edge is installed using NSX Manager or on a Bare Metal server.

8 – Validate the configuration.


9 – validate the configuration by ssh with the following commands.

# get interface eth0

# get managers


Hoping you have enjoyed this post, see you next time.

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