NSX-T 2.5: Add a Tier-1 Gateway

NSX-T supports a multi-tiered routing between provider router and tenant routing function. The top-tier logical router is referred to as tier-0 while the bottom-tier logical router is tier-1.

This structure gives both provider and tenant administrators complete control over their services and policies.

There is no dynamic routing between tier-1 and tier-0 LRs. The NSX-T platform takes care of the auto-plumbing between LRs at different tiers. The following list details route types on tier-1:

Static – Static routes configured by user via NSX-T Manager.

NSX Connected – Directly connected LIF interfaces on the LR. and are NSX Connected routes for the tier-1 LR.

Tier-1 NAT – NAT IP addresses owned by the tier-1 LR discovered from NAT rules configured on the tier-1 LR. These are advertised to the tier-0 LR as /32 routes.

Follow the steps below to create T1 Gateway.

1 – Select Networking > Tier 1 Gateways > ADD TIER-1 GATEWAY.


2 – Type a name for Tier-1 Gateway and Click save.


3 – Click NO to continue configuring.


4 – Validate the status.


Hoping you have enjoyed this post, see you next time.

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