NSX-T 2.5: Configure Route Distribution on T0 (Tier-0) Gateway

When you enable route redistribution, the tier-0 logical router starts sharing specified routes with its northbound router.


  • Verify that the tier-0 and tier-1 logical routers are connected so that you can advertise the tier-1 logical router networks to redistribute them on the tier-0 logical router.
  • If you want to filter specific IP addresses from route redistribution, verify that route maps are configured.

Follow the steps below to connect Tier-1 Gateway with Tier-0 Gateway.

1 – Select Networking > Tier 0 Gateways > Click the three dots > Click edit and then expand route re-distribution and click set.


2 – Select under Tier-0 “Static Routes”, “Connected Interfaces & Segments” and under Tier-1 “Connected Subnets”. Click Apply.


3 – Click save and close edit.


That concludes the last step of configuring North-South Communication.

Hoping you have enjoyed this post, see you next time.

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