KB003: Fail to ping Gateway from the Tier-0 uplink in NSX-T

When we want to prepare the Tier-0 gateway the first step we should do is to configure the interface to communicate the physical environment and then ping to test the connection.


– Trying to learn MAC addresses from Tier-0 Gateway failed.


– Trying to ping the gateway failed.



When we configure a Edge Gateway Node, also we need to configure a NSX-T Distributed Switch which reside inside the Edge Gateway.



But also we need to attach a external portgroup to make sure the communication with the physical environment.


And finally create the different segments on NSX-T to connect the virtual machines. But there is only one component in the route that can tag the VLAN in a network.

In this case the segment is the component which tags the VLAN.


But the portgroup tags the VLAN as well.


Following the concept mention before there are tree (3) components Layer 2 when you are using Edge Gateway to communicate the physical environment;

1) Segments

2) Portgroup

3) Physical Access Swith

In this way, Portgroup and Physical Access Swith should be in trunk mode and the segment tag the VLAN.


When we did the changes we test the MAC learning and the ping  successfully.



Hoping you have enjoyed this post, see you next time

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