Network Virtualization


NSX-v 6.4.1 SETUP:

  1. Deploy and Configure


NSX-T 2.5 setup:

  1. Deploy and add Compute Manager
  2. Create an IP Pool for Tunnel Endpoint IP Addresses
  3. Configure Transport Zones
  4. Create an Uplink Profile
  5. Configure Transport Node Profile
  6. Configure a Managed Host Transport Node
  7. Create an NSX Edge Transport Node

NSX-T 2.5 COnfigure North-South traffic:

  1. Create an Edge Cluster
  2. Add a Tier-1 Gateway
  3. Overlay and VLAN Segments
  4. Add a Tier-0 Gateway and configure BGP
  5. Connect T1 (Tier-1) Gateway to T0 (Tier-0) Gateway
  6. Configure Route Distribution on T0 (Tier-0) Gateway